Revive Your Bong: Cleaning Hacks for a Like-New Look

Revive Your Bong: Cleaning Hacks for a Like-New Look

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There is no doubt that using a bong to smoke cigarettes cannabis is probably the most pleasant encounters for any cannabis enthusiast. Nonetheless, with time, remains can build up and then make the cigarette smoking expertise less satisfying as it was once. This is why cleaning up your bong is essential. But how would you practice it, and what do you really need?

In the following paragraphs, we will show you everything you need to know about cleaning your bong. In the required equipment to techniques you must get, you will get everything that you need how to clean a bong and maintain it in excellent issue.

Step One: Get the essential Products

Before you begin cleaning your bong, you will need to ensure that you have everything you need. You need boiling hot drinking water, seas sodium or Epsom salt, rubbing alcoholic beverages, a tiny brush or tubing solution, plus some paper bathroom towels. These are generally regular each day items you could quickly get out of your community food store.

Step 2: Eliminate Free Residue

The next step from the cleaning procedure is to remove any free residue out of your bong. You can do this by taking off the container, downstem, as well as any other removable pieces and rinsing these with warm water. After, use a small brush or pipe solution to get rid of any obstinate deposits.

Step 3: Put Salt and Rubbing Alcohol

Once you have taken away all of the free deposits, it is actually time for you to include the washing remedy. Add seas sea salt or Epsom sodium in to the bong, then rubbing alcoholic beverages. The salt will act as an coarse, whilst the rubbing alcoholic drinks will break up the stubborn residue.

Move 4: Shake, Shake, Shake

Right after adding the cleaning up option, deal with all availabilities on your bong with your hands and wrists or plastic-type cover. Shake your bong vigorously back and forth for a couple of minutes. Be sure that the cleaning answer actually reaches every part of the bong, specially the challenging-to-get to parts.

Move 5: Always rinse Your Bong

Right after trembling your bong, bare the washing solution and thoroughly rinse your bong with boiling water. Make sure that you wash every section of the bong to remove any leftover sodium and rubbing liquor.

Step 6: Dried up Your Bong

When you have rinsed your bong, it is a chance to dried out it. You can do this employing pieces of paper shower towels or permit it to atmosphere free of moisture. However, wiping your bong by using a paper cloth will make sure that it must be entirely dried out and ready to be used.


Cleaning up your bong is an essential part of cigarette smoking cannabis. It not merely maintains your bong in excellent condition and also ensures that your smoking practical experience is pleasurable whenever. By using the steps layed out over, you will have a clean bong very quickly. Keep in mind, typical cleaning up of the bong is important to make certain that they last and keep on supplying you with outstanding using tobacco experiences.

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